Everything in My Life.

I'm killing myself.
No, it's not gonna be a single event. I'm already slowly killing myself day by day with the junk I'm putting into my body. With how sedentary I've been living. With the destructive choices I make. With my self sabotage.

To ████: I've noticed how much you can't stand my presence. I hope this gives you some peace.

To ██████: This is nobody's fault. Once it happens, just get over it. Don't stay in the past and wonder what you could've done differently, there's nothing that could've been done. Move on. Get on with your life. I would much prefer that than some expensive grieving session over a bag of flesh.

To ██████, █████, and the others: Thanks for being my only friends, or acquaintances, or whatever is lower than acquaintance. It really was fun hanging out with all of you. I don't know why you invited some loser like me to the table but I'm forever grateful. I hope my absence allows some more room at the table.

I wonder what happens afterwards.