Edgy List of Inconveniences.

  1. The loneliness, and the loneliness I create myself when I somehow convince myself that I'm just alone. Sitting at a lunch table where no one gives a fuck about you. Losing your only friend.
  2. The growing urge to carve into my skin, though I know nothing will happen because of my instinct.
  3. Assholes that assume shit based on how I look or who I am. What I've done, that's fair enough. I've done some dumb shit. But because of shit I can't control? Kinda poopy.
  4. Making an ass of yourself in front of everyone over, and over, and over again.
  5. Thinking about way better things to say minutes after saying some really dumb shit to people. Physically cringing in bed thinking about things you've done days, months, or years ago.
  6. All the pressure adding up on me. Going to college, getting a job, meeting people, etc. I hope I can just smile and relax at the end of it all.
  7. My inability to do anything creative anymore. Maybe that spark inside of me died, and I desperately need it back.
  8. Resorting to apathy and dissociation to cope with everything. Trying to imagine that you're just watching your dumb life through a TV.
  9. The urge to just escape it all. No, not suicide, silly! As in immersing yourself in a world different than your own and never coming back, whether that be through books, games, television, etc.
  10. Being addicted to your phone. I can't stop myself from just sitting in my chair hunchbacked and watching short form content for no reason. It's like a drug. A socially acceptable hard drug.
  11. Having to learn basic social skills through the fucking internet. There's no one else to teach you.
  12. Stupid politics getting into everything. Far into both sides you will find the most deranged blindly following people you've ever seen. Might as well not vote for one or the other party. Taxes.
  13. The pain in my heart due to my fucked up sleep schedule. I think I'm on the verge of a fucking heart attack. I need to take better care of this body.
  14. My driver's ed class. It is so fucking boring. How boring does a class have to be that you fall asleep sitting up?
  15. Seeing everyone around me grow old. I want to spend more time with everyone I care about. Time going by so fast when I don't want it to. The inevitability of death and end.
  16. Nosebleeds.
  17. Having no way to release your frustrations.
  18. Having to say goodbye.
  19. The inability to breathe through your nose. That with a runny nose, you're in hell.
  20. Finishing a TV show you love to escape reality with and getting hit with the post show depression hard (can apply to any other form of media, too.
  21. Mold on food.
  22. Ugly crying. I have nosebleeds whenever I ugly cry.
  23. Making so many false scenarios in your head that you want to become emotionless and just go to the world in your head.
  24. Addiction pangs. It stings.
  25. The power of corporations and conglomerates. They control our entire lives.
  26. People who take things too seriously.
  27. People who take nothing seriously.
  28. My tendency to keep thinking in the future and the past, since I'm in neither of those places.
  29. The stalemate that occurs when both people are scared of texting each other.
  30. The feeling you get when you put a blade against your skin. Human instincts kicked in the last time I did that shit. Fuck that.
  31. Feeling alienated.
  32. Not being able to shower for some reason before going to bed, whether it be a real reason or my lazy ass not wanting to do so for some reason.
  33. People who mistreat retail workers working for minimum wage for stupid reasons.
  34. The situation you get stuck in before getting a job. To get a job, you'll need prior job experience, but to get job experience you'll need to get a job. The fuck are you supposed to do? The only job around me that doesn't need experience right now is a ShopRite, and I don't feel like working in retail if it requires talking to cranky old people.
  35. My stupid mind. Why do I think the way I do sometimes? At least I'm aware of it.
  36. Politics.
  37. The threat. Everyone who's affected by the threat doesn't deserve it, yet it continues to harm people without a reason. Fucking asshole. (author's note: the threat is a euphemism for basically mental illness from the game Receiver 2)
  38. Sucking at speaking.
  39. Sucking at texting.
  40. Sucking at writing.
  41. Music on the radio that just take old music and make them sound like shit for no reason.
  42. Lethargy.
  43. Pineapple on pizza alone. Maybe it could be good with more toppings alongside it but sweet fruit doesn't belong on pizza.
  44. My inability to sleep at a good time for whatever reason.