Memories of an Old MMORPG Game.

Running out of ways to cure the permanent boredom I have everyday, I decided to go on this old MMORPG game I used to play all the time like 8 years ago called Graal Classic. It was one of those grindy and social games that ripped off the style of Link to the Past. I loved every second of playing it when I was still a kid. Instead of spawning at Noob Island like I remember, I spawned in some random house south of the city. I walked up north, killing a few people just for fun, and went through the city gates. Walking around the city just felt so... strange. There were still people playing this game, but it felt like there was something missing.

The people who spent all day AFK to advertise their code shops in front of the city gates were still there, though I only saw two of them. The streets seemed more and more desolate than the last time I did something like this, which must've been 3 years ago.

I went to the school, which was the most full place in the whole game, full of people and laughter and other funny shenanigans. I thought my game glitched or something when I went in, but after a little bit I knew it didn't. There was absolutely nobody there. A place once filled with dozens of people at any given time -- gone.

Seeing the school like this just made me immensely sad. I made so many friends in that place and had so much fun talking to people there. Now everybody I know moved on from this game, to go live their lives.

And now I'm gonna have to move on too.