The Hanged Man.

Originally written July 20th, 2022.

Is it my fault that I'm in this situation, or is it the result of other people's actions?

Don't be stupid. I have trapped myself in here. I can get out any time I want, yet since I'm so used to being in this trap, I'm hanging comfortably. It's my fault. My fault that I'm in this fucking trap, my fault that I decided to listen to what other's are saying, which 99.9% of the time aren't even being said towards me, and regarding it as fact. My fault that I haven't just cut myself loose and walked out of this trap earlier, when I was less comfortable in this trap and more willing to escape. My fault that I decided to act like something I'm not.

Here I am. The hanged man. Swinging wildly from side to side hanging by my feet. The knife's in my pocket; I can cut myself free at any time. Yet, I don't. I stay tied up, swing around with an expressionless look on my face. I am a fool. I am the hanged man.