Boring ass and surprisingly transparent preface, feel free to skip. Also, please don't just read these notes instead of reading the book if you haven't. These are just reminders for myself once I'm done.

On the 15th of February I have relapsed in my drug addiction after being free for about 6 months. Just one small slip up caused all the progress I made come crashing down.

If you're not following along with these euphemisms, it's porn addiction. It disgusts me and makes me hate myself so much to the point that I don't even wanna go outside because I think of myself as a subhuman. Yet why do I still get the urge to continue using this shit, even after being off this drug for months and feeling so much better? Brains are weird.

Luckily, I've known about this amazing book for years called Easypeasy. I first read it during the pandemic years and it successfully got me off the drug for months. Then I relapsed. Then I quit again for some more months. And then I relapsed. Etc etc. I can't even count how many times I've relapsed.

It might sound weird relapsing for that many times, but unfortunately quitting the drug is as easy as getting hooked onto it again. One small peak and you're caught in the bear trap once again. I guess I still haven't learned my lesson.

But hopefully, this attempt will be the final attempt to escape.

The last time I escaped I didn't even read this book. I just got so fed up with the cycle of dopamine rushes then feeling like absolute shit that I just stopped. The freedom felt so good.The breaking of the chains.

And all of that came crashing down with just one peek, and here we are. Sorry for that nonsensical rant. Anyways, here's my notes on the book.